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What do you mean by saying that the psalters used the same prayers?  
    The answer is simple. Since this communion was established by Isaac Alfred Simbun, a Roman Catholic, and since the Catholic Church had been encouraged the laity to take part in the offices of Lauds, Vesper, Compline and so on, which these offices were the official common prayer for all Catholics especially the priest and religious life, the Worldwide Communion of the Psalters was then used the same offices.  

    These common and official prayers of the Catholic Church can be found completely in the books known as the Divine Office and the Liturgy of the Hours that used the prayers from the Book of Psalm as prayer for daily recitation for each offices.  

    Although for non catholics they do not have this kind of prayer books, they may also and warmly invited to take part in the recitation for each offices since all the psalms and the scriptures reading in the books were taken from the Bible it self.  

    If you were noticed clearly in the Scheduled Offices, you will find that everyday has its own pages to be used. This pages are accordingly to the Everyday Prayer from the Divine Office which was published by the Theological Publication in India and had been approved by the Episcopal Conferences of Australia, England and wales, Ireland, Scotland.  

    You may use the Liturgy of the Hours but there is a bit differ from the above book mentioned, in pages, words and so on but still follow the same Weeks, Feasts, Solemnities, rites and so on accordingly to the Liturgical Calendar of the Catholic Church.  

    Every psalters may use the same book which is in another language rather than the English translation for your their own convenience.  

    For further information about the books and on how to use it properly, please contact the Catholic Church nearby or simply visit this website 

    For those who do not have that books, you may get it from any Catholic Bookshops or simply contact the Daughters of St. Paul at your area, or you may print out it from here.

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