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How you can help the Worldwide Communion of the Psalters ? The answers are simple and harmless. 

Do you believe that prayers will sustain what we pray for in the name of Jesus the Christ ? In WCP, we believe the power of prayer which made in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through prayers, we have courage to do our daily works, and through prayers also we know that the Holy Spirit is working with us and give us the food for our spiritual need. So, we ask with humble to you for praying for your self, your families, friends, relatives, sick, poor, needy, countries, churches, religions, ministers, those who at the hour of death right now, souls at the Purgatory and even for your enemies and so on. We ask of you to pray using the books so that in communion with the other psalters, our prayers will be in one. 

Perhaps you want to lead a life of prayerful, or perhaps you just want to get involve in something for unsure reasons. But no matter what kind of reason, the Worldwide Communion of the Psalters open its door to peoples who wanted in communion with others, to pray in one mind, soul, believe, courage; one love, one faith and one hope. WCP isn't something so nice or a marvelous community, it's just a symbol of our interfaith in Christ Jesus, our LORD. Well, get your self registered now! 

WCP need an affiliates, priests, church ministers, youth leaders, pastoral manager, non government organization, or any society of Christian work in the way to foster world peace, unity among churches, inter church dialogue, spiritual help, and so on, to help the WCP to foster the unity in prayer for we believe that every churches believes in the power of prayer in Jesus' name. If you wanted to be one of our affiliate, please feel free to email the webmaster or send a snail mail through the address given at the front page. 

WCP opens a few jobs for a capable members. These jobs are as stated below: 

    1. Associate Webmaster
    2. Info researcher
    3. Associate Maintainer
    4. WCP Region Leader
Please be informed that you will not receive any salary or payment for the post. WCP only prefers those who wanted to help us freely and voluntarily. If you interested to assist us, please fell free to send the webmaster an email and tell us your full self information and the reason why you want to help us voluntarily. We'll get you as soon as possible. 

Promote the WCP to all your friends and relatives, even to your enemies. Promote PEACE, religious dialogue and understanding, promote and encourage people to take part in church activities, promote to pray the same books. You can do this by registered your self as the WCP member or become one of our affiliates. 

Donate something of your own to the poor and needy in your area. Donate your talent to be used by the WCP, donate the church for its development. Donate generously, we beg you.

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