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Read First! 
    The form below is to be submitted if you want to become a member of this communion. But, we would like to advice you to read carefully the rules and regulations below as a member of this communion: 
    1. Members must be a Christian and confess that Jesus is LORD.
    2. After being received as a psalter of this communion, a psalter MUST recite the Office of Lauds (Morning prayer), the Office of Vesper (Evening prayer) and the Office of Compline (Night prayer before sleep) or any two offices from the three main offices mentioned above, at any convenience time daily. For those Catholics both from the Roman/Latin and Eastern rites ARE OBLIGATED to pray the Rosary in the first day of the month and for those non catholics are encourage to do so.
    3. Every psalters MUST respect other denominations and christians and treat them as a brothers and sisters in Christ. You are no longer to hate other churches.
    4. Pray for peace and unity of the churches, peace for the world, for the sick, unbelievers, poor, etc., for the sack of the Kingdom of God.
    5. The rest of the regulations may find it in the Bible. READ it!